Quick Konversation: God’s Way of Providing

If there’s one thing I have learned in this most recent season of my life, it is that God will raise up exactly what you’re looking for right in front of you.

I have spent years praying for and seeking guidance, leadership and mentorship. I’ve asked some people, and I’ve silently followed others hoping to glean from them. Meanwhile, God was probably up there listening to me carry on, all the while orchestrating His plan for me. After giving up on the idea of having a mentor, I started to realize I already had a friend that quite possibly could be the answer to my prayers. It took me a minute to see it though, because I had my own idea of a mentor and they didn’t fit it. So let me share where I was wrong and what I learned.

Reasons I couldn’t see it.

  1. We’re on the same level. We’ve kind of grown together, so I thought I needed to be mentored by someone who was more seasoned. The truth is, wisdom is endowed by God and age doesn’t have anything to do with it.
  2. We inspire and encourage each other. For what ever reason, I thought a mentor was supposed to be so far ahead of me in life that there was nothing significant I could offer them. What I’m beginning to realize is that if you’re living and learning, you have something to offer anyone you meet, and a humble person can be impacted by you, just as much as they impact you.
  3. We’re not trying to do the same thing in life. I thought a mentor had to be specific to your purpose or desired field of work. WRONG! That may be necessary for someone who needs help navigating certain career paths. But what I really needed was someone who could challenge me to dig within myself and help me move from thinking to working.

When I finally could see…

One of the first things I saw was how he took his growth and development into his own hands. His drive toward purpose was very inspiring for me and actually liberated me from the passive approach to life that was holding me back. I was waiting to be recognized, called on and chosen, by people of authority I revered. But my friend was empowered by God calling and choosing him, and that was his source of motivation.

I must say though, God knows what he’s doing and again, I’m sure he’s up there making the face you make when you flawlessly surprise somebody you know very well. I’ve known my friend for over 5 years and our friendship has now taken on this form. What I can say is that God knows what you need so know that he’s cultivating that thing for you. In the meantime, he’s eliminating those limiting factors in your mind so that you can see what’s been before you all along.

I’d love to hear about your mentoring experience.

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