I Will Finish!

Recently, at church we were discussing the story of Noah and how he was instructed to build the ark. We talked about how God gave him specific instructions for this boat, warning that a great flood would come. God was specific about everything except when the flood would actually happen.

Rumor has it that a considerable amount of time had passed between when Noah was given the instructions and when the flood occurred. It really got me thinking about the things I expected to happen, but gave up on because they didn’t appear to be happening soon enough. In Noah’s case, how tragic would it have been for him to stop building the ark because he hadn’t seen any rain? If you think about it, the dimensions of the ark were huge, which speaks to the amount of time required to actually finish building it. And personally, I wouldn’t want to have to build anything of that magnitude in the rain. So then, maybe it isn’t so bad that “it” isn’t happening immediately. Perhaps, just maybe, we’re being afforded time to get ourselves prepared for “it”.

What makes us give up before it happens?

Sometimes we get defeated because of our past experiences with disappointments and let downs. But God does not fail us. We must internalize that fact, so that our experiences with imperfect people do not persuade us to doubt God. It is our belief in God’s goodness that makes life different. (I know what you’re thinking; How is a flood good?) So, the flood was unfortunate, but God’s goodness led him to prepare Noah and his family to be protected from it.

But, Noah had to believe that God wasn’t just handing out threats.  And while that was a bad situation, we must draw from this that God’s intention is to bring to pass whatever he has spoken. For us, it’s those desires he spoke into our being before we were even formed.

A lot of times, we speak of huge visions and dreams that God has placed on our hearts without considering the time and effort required to bring them to complete fruition. So here are two scriptures to consider.

The parable in Luke 14:25-32 addresses the importance of counting up the costs required for whatever it is that you plan to start.

We should do our best to take an accurate assessment of the requirements for a successful launch and sustaining of what God has placed on our hearts to do.

Habakkuk 2:3 (paraphrased) says that the vision is for an appointed time…though it tarries, wait for it. For it will certainly come and will not delay. 

This scripture speaks to the patience we must have concerning the process of bringing our visions and God given assignments to pass.

The bigger the vision the more preparation and building required to execute it. It’s key to understand that with God given ideas and plans, God’s often desires to make a large impact. For big things, you must plan ahead so that the timing will be just right!

Has it been a long time between when you first got the vision and its manifestation?

Are you wondering what the hold up is, like I once did?

Could it be that God is sharing what He plans to do in your life way ahead of time so that you can be adequately prepared for it? Perhaps its going to make such a big impact that you’ll need to commit some time to preparing for it before it happens.

Let’s commit to finishing!

I’ve decided that I’m going to do my best to keep doing my part until I begin to see the rest unfold. Noah worked on the boat until it was finished. Then God said revealed that in one week the flood would occur. Had Noah not been diligent, he would not have been ready to load the ark, and he would have risked the lives God wanted to save.

Being out of sync with God’s timing will put lives at risk that God wants to save.

“It” may not have happened yet, but keep working on it! Be consistent in whatever it will take for the God given vision for your life to completely manifest. When we are lead by the spirit, the things we do are never a waste of time. Everything is leading up to the future God has planned for you, which is spoken of in Jeremiah 29:11.  Everything you’ve put into it is worth it, because our God does not speak and not perform. We may not know when, but the least we can do is be ready!

Did something come to mind while reading this that you feel you need to continue working on? Please share in the comments. Let’s talk!


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