Please Excuse our Progress

A few months ago, the Zaxby’s on North Monroe was under construction. The title of this post is what was on their marquee. It read, “Please Excuse our Progress”. I’m sure they were referring to the construction site that was their exterior as it underwent changes, but their choice of words made me wonder. If progress is such a good thing, why would it need to be excused? Words carry so much meaning, so definitions often bring a new perspective to my initial thought.

Progress by definition is movement toward a goal; that’s a good thing. And usually if you ask someone to excuse you, it’s because of some action and circumstance that interfered or conflicted with the norm. For instance, you might ask someone to excuse your tardiness because you were supposed to be in a place at a designated time and your being late had a negative affect on the circumstance.

After reading the multiple definitions I found for the verb excuse, I could go on and on about how that  may not have been the best choice of word in conjunction with the word progress. But for the sake of short attention spans, I’ll pull out just one of the definitions.

Excuse- overlook.  Using substitution it would read “Overlook our progress.”

Try not to notice the progress we’re trying to make.

How often do we want people to turn a blind eye to our lives until we’ve reached some point of perfection? Or how often do we try to hide the parts of us that are still in the development stage? Growth and change should be looked upon as good although it isn’t in a state of perfection.

Philippians 1:6 For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

Although it may have been a little more difficult to navigate the area because of the construction, the restaurant was still open to those who wanted what is on the inside of Zaxby’s, because that part wasn’t changing. If we see ourselves like the restaurant, we shouldn’t shut down or isolate ourselves because of the changes we are undergoing.

Our changes and growth only present the people in our lives with a challenge to love deeper.

Just a few miles away, the capitol has this sign displayed. pardonJust a few different words makes a difference. What stuck out to me about this particular sign was “your” Capitol. To me, it emphasized the fact that although things are under construction, and may be posing a temporary inconvenience, the outcome is for your benefit. The use of our and your has a sense of inclusion which may elicit some understanding and the pardon they are requesting in their sign.

The point here, I guess, is that positive change is good, and it should be embraced whether you’re the one changing, or you know someone or something that is.

If you’re changing, don’t be ashamed or feel the need to apologize if you feel a little rough around the edges, at times. And if you notice someone going through a process of change (which most of us usually are) be patient and understanding.

2 thoughts on “Please Excuse our Progress

  1. Absolutely!! I think that’s part of the reason I don’t even share my blog with people lol. It’s exactly what you said – trying to get it to a certain level of perfection for fear that someone will think negatively about my growth and progress. That’s crazy!

  2. Yea, we’re just taught to cover up and hide the rough parts because we tend to shun those who are authentically growing in the public eye. I pray that we can gain the courage to accept our flaws and short comings just as God does so that we have that same grace for others!

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