Our Hope: An Answer to What Does Christmas Mean to You.


No matter the window of time I allot between asking God something, and when I think the answer will come, He seems to enjoy answering right before the window closes. A little over a week ago, I wrote a blog about how I came to the conclusion that I have no idea what Christmas means, aside from what I’ve seen, heard or been taught. Well just LAST NIGHT, on Christmas Eve, it came to me, what it all symbolizes for me.

Keeping with the understanding that Christ’s birth is celebrated on Christmas, I went deeper to discover how significant His birth was, and how that significance can be applied to my life every year.

There’s a song called Our Hope by Chandler Moore that I discovered a few days ago. I listened to the live performance of it last night, and this song literally brought the meaning of Christmas to life for me.

Hope is defined as a feeling that what is wanted can be had.

In the song, Chandler describes the feelings that may have been felt when the people found out that Christ was soon to be born.

A part of the song says ‘We can’t wait for you to come, you are our hope.’

The birth of Jesus brought hope because of what He was promised to be for all humanity. He gave them a reason to keep living. Life had been kind of hard in the Old Testament, trying to live according to the law of God. God knew we needed help, but it took a long time for Jesus to come and even still He had to grow up before He could fulfill his purpose for coming.

For me, Christmas is a reminder of God’s faithfulness to His word and promises. The birth of Jesus was the beginning of the manifestation of the greatest thing that happened, which was God’s gift of eternal life and salvation. It’s almost like a second Resurrection celebration. Jesus’s birth restored hope, because as you may know, it’s likely for one to get weary while they wait for something they are expecting to come.

What better time to have hope restored than during the last month of the calendar year. No matter what your year has been like, look for something, if but one thing, that can give you hope going into the next year. Even if it isn’t the entire promise fulfilled, celebrate the happenings that point to a favorable future.

With hope for a future,


2 thoughts on “Our Hope: An Answer to What Does Christmas Mean to You.

  1. This blog is great! It’s like you took what I thought was a rant in my mind and put it into well choreographed words for everyone to dance to. Bless you sis.

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