There is a place for the righteous. 

Lately I’ve been seeking out more understanding on God’s protection. To be honest, I’ve realized that there have been times when I’ve felt unprotected by God and I didn’t understand why because I know based on His word that one of his many attributes is protection. Today I was reminded of Proverbs  18:10 “The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run in and are safe”. I’ve heard this scripture so many times in  prayer and even in exhortation, but I needed a deeper understanding, so that I could stand on this promise and “know for myself”. Well, in my study I looked up the Hebrew meaning of some of the words and got the revelation I needed.

 First I searched the word name. In Hebrew, one of the definitions was reputation, which got me immediately. Reputation is everything in society and even in the business world. If you have a bad name in the streets and the word gets out, soon, no one will trust you or give you even the slightest chance. But if God’s reputation is a strong tower that means that you can trust in His track record, even if someone has been keeping track.  God has street cred. That part!  

That also means what we tell each other about God is key. Your testimony of God’s protection just may be what someone needs to hear to know they too are being protected by God.

The other word that changed my life is the Hebrew  translation of safe. When I think of safe, the most basic definition is ‘out of harms way’ or protected. But in Hebrew, safe translates to being inaccessibly high! Now if I had used my context clues, I should have been able to figure that, considering that His name is a strong TOWER (and I’ve never seen a short tower before). But knowing now that being safe itself means to be in a high place is so reassuring. And to be inaccessible just puts the cherry on top. Just think about it, you can be in a house with the door locked but that still doesn’t make you inaccessible because there are still ways to reach you. Inaccessibility speaks to the level of protection in the name of God. Abiding in God keeps you safe and inaccessible to the enemy. In other words, the weapon will form but it won’t prosper. Things that would usually take you out won’t even get near you! Blessed assurance! 

These are perilous times, as the old folks say. We are indeed living in the last days, but I encourage you to make sure you are counted among the righteous, for they are the ones who find themselves in the high place of protection. You can’t earn righteousness though, it is afforded to us by Christ’s sacrifice. Believe in His crucifixion and resurrection for you and receive His protection. Repent of your wrong doing and commit to living  a new life in Him! 

I hope to see you in the high place! 


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