The Effects of Boredom

From my experience as a school teacher,  there’s always a student or two who is always causing trouble during class. Sometimes that student is actually one of the smartest in the class. What happens is they finish their work quickly and find a way to entertain themselves. Unfortunately they’re usually found being distracting and bothering other students. I’ve learned to always be prepared with a little extra because you have to keep those students busy.

It appears that some local assemblies have reached a place where there are not enough assignments being handed out. There’s only room for those who have already been ordained or those who can do service related duties on Sunday morning. Sunday morning service can be very powerful and life changing but when too much energy is put into the mechanics of it, it loses its substance and focus. If what’s going on INSIDE the church is the biggest focus, we’ve already placed ourselves in a bad position concerning our work on the great commission. I would like to submit that the saints have become like the students in the opening paragraph: BORED.

There are many parts to this dilemma and I will try to discuss them all briefly.

  1. Teaching

The sermons we hear seem to be getting further away from the simple message of the Gospel of Jesus. We have so much to say about what God has promised us, where we’re going in life and everything else that seems to benefit us or what everyone is doing wrong without providing solutions. We don’t spend enough time discussing the benefits of a relationship with God, how to serve our community by walking in the supernatural authority of Christ and other matters of the Spirit. We’re not challenged to live better because we don’t recognize or aren’t made aware  of the mandate outside of the church.

2. Assignments

Nowadays assignments are considered to be preaching engagements or leadership positions over church ministries. Of course, those tasks are reserved for a select group of people. The clerical offices are revered, however there is something for all to do, title or not. Or if we acknowledge a person or environment in our life as an assignment, we complain about the difficulty of it and want out before the person/ people even receive what you were there to deposit. A more inclusive Christian lifestyle would commission all who are saved to go out and witness to who ever they encounter.

3. Misuse/Misunderstanding of Spiritual tools

The day of Pentecost was the day when the Holy Spirit filled the disciples and empowered them to go out and spread the Gospel. He gave them strength to endure the persecution they would face while telling people about Jesus and working miracles in places where it was not accepted. We are not properly using the tools given to us by God. Heavenly Tongues is evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit but we rarely use Holy Spirit for his guidance and instruction. The truth is, our assignment is to exemplify God every place we go and to the people we encounter. We should get to a place where our very presence changes people and draws them closer to Jesus, much like the healing in Peter’s shadow.

4. Responsibility and Accountability

It is debatable whether or not giving a responsibility to a person will keep them accountable to the character they should have. But from a different perspective, it seems that the bored saints are living below standard because of their perceived insignificance. If we realized the impact that could be made by us being led by the Spirit in all we do, perhaps we would have more of a hunger and desire to be more like God. But because evil gets more attention than good works, conforming to Christ is a much slower and less sought after process. It is indeed our sole purpose in life. Responsibility does bring pressure but with the strength of God, you can endure and be successful. We ought not shy away from the high calling because of what it costs us. We are instructed to deny ourselves, pick up the cross and follow Jesus.

It makes no sense for us to continue to disregard the fact that there is a harvest that is ready to be gathered as if we have something more important to do. The assembly of the saints should be a refilling station, but can only operate as that after the saints have gone and poured out what they were given. No need to fill a tank that is already full. It’s time that we stop wasting our gas driving around the gas station parking lot and use our gas for something more rewarding throughout our city.

If you find yourself bored, just think about ways that you can display the fruits of the spirit in all areas of your life. It’s sounds simple but it is the mission and God will be glorified as you continue to reflect more of his attributes.


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