God Restores Purity: Here’s How I Know

Yesterday I watched the movie Holy Ghost which is a documentary of some guys going around the world and being used to expose people to the power of the Holy Spirit. There’s a part where they go to India and one of the guys sings about Jesus and plays the guitar. Most of the people didn’t understand what he was singing (language barrier), but they felt something in their hearts, they started to smile. The missionary then explained to them that they were experiencing the Holy Spirit. I reflected on that moment and it took me back. When I was younger, I would lead songs in the choir. Once I remember my mom telling me that when I sing, she felt something good and she couldn’t really find the words to describe it. I just thought the feeling was her being a proud mother. Now that I think about it, she probably was feeling the presence of God. As a young girl, my worship was pure. I loved God as much as I knew how to and I loved to give my gift to him (sing).

Although I remained in church throughout my teenage and young adult years, I have done some things that have tainted my purity. I’ve had sex with several guys who weren’t my husband. I’ve gone places where God is not glorified. I’ve said and done many things that did not represent God. I continued to sing through my sin and by the mercy of God alone I lived through that part of my life.

One day God changed me. I had the power to leave those things that brought shame to my relationship with God. And guess what? When I lead praise and worship almost a year ago, someone told me my worship was pure and that I shouldn’t lose it. I’ve been through a lot and the journey of restored purity has not been easy but it’s worth fighting for and it’s available to you.

I encourage you to pray this prayer:
God I thank you for restoring my purity. Thank you for taking away my shame and guilt when you died on the cross. I am no longer bound by the life I once lived, no matter how long I lived it. I ask that you remove all things that taint my purity and connection with you and that you fill me with your Holy Spirit. Fill every void that may try to appear because of this new life. I will be satisfied and experience joy because of my restored purity. Thank you so much God for giving me the power to live holy and please you! In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

3 thoughts on “God Restores Purity: Here’s How I Know

  1. Woman of God,

    This just blessed me in more ways than you could really know. I know it hasn’t been easy (nor is it now), but God is on your side! I’m really proud of you for sharing your testimony. I appreciate your frankness and honesty.

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