Before you walk down the aisle, What are you here for?

As stated before, when considering marriage or even relationships/dating one should know their purpose. Once you know your purpose you will be able to decline relationship offers from people who don’t fit your life path. Many people disagree with the idea of getting married young because their understanding is that once you get married you will have to forfeit your life dreams to do what your spouse wants, which usually is geared toward having children. Getting married should not hinder you from pursuing your dreams and life goals, especially if you feel that those things are what you were put on earth to do. Your mate should be a compliment to who you are and be of support to you in your endeavors no matter what moment in time of life you meet.
Another important thing to consider when discussing the future with a perspective spouse is that you should know and express an ideal timeline of events, such as how soon you would like to have kids or some goals you would like to have met before you are ready to have kids. It is vital to first know what you desire is in that aspect, then to make that clear to your significant other. Don’t be so focused on trying to make a relationship work that you let your own wishes go unheard because it will be a problem when your counterpart makes their requests known and they don’t coincide with what you desire to do. Both parties need to say their piece and the couple should be able to come to an agreement. If a definite agreement is not made, a person should be strong enough to walk away from something they aren’t totally comfortable doing in order to avoid manipulation.

It is important to know and be confident in who you are so that you don’t find yourself wrapped up in someone else’s life. If they are sure of what their future is but you aren’t, they will quickly give you a supporting role in their life and that will be all you know and do. That’s modern day bondage because the day they decide they don’t need you and you are no longer an asset to them, they will leave you and you will find yourself without purpose because you lived to be apart of their life.

One thought on “Before you walk down the aisle, What are you here for?

  1. This is a powerful blog! Such wisdom woven throughout the words. There are so many people who get married and lose their identity in the process. Some people are willing to settle just so they can be in a relationship. SMH

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