Welcome to the Kingdom.

Kingdom Konversations with Kiana is a transparent journey of beliefs. In the blog, I share the lessons that come by way of the struggle to be more like Christ daily.

Each post is written to empower, challenge and encourage the reader.

Kingdom Konversations exists to initiate dialogue on important topics, provoke thought, and challenge the perspectives and actions of the readers.

The Latest Konversations

  • Decisions, Decisions…
    As a believer, there’s this unspoken expectation to be a peace maker and to have patience with people, based on our understanding of the concept of love. But if we’re hurt, do we have to continue to engage in relationships and get wounded over and over? How do we make the difficult decision of maintain or ending our relationships without feeling guilty or victimized. This is a conversation about challenging relationships and how we can have them and our sanity, too.
  • Quick Konversations: A Narrow Search
    I was shopping online recently, looking for something specific. Although I knew exactly what I was looking for, I typed in a related item, hoping I could find the item amongst the results. It took quite a bit of scrolling through that vague search for me to finally come across one … Continue reading Quick Konversations: A Narrow Search
  • Recap: “I Don’t Know the Difference”
    On Facebook live, we had a konversation that was inspired by a scene in the movie “The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel.” In the scene, Twinkie Clark had a dialogue with her mother regarding her decision to move with her new husband and leave the group. Twinkie felt that up … Continue reading Recap: “I Don’t Know the Difference”

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