Welcome to the Kingdom

Kingdom Konversations explores topics that are often avoided in Christian spaces. Using real life experiences, anecdotes and the word of God, each post takes readers on a journey of belief exploration. The blog intends to bring awareness to the reader’s perspectives on these difficult topics and challenge them. Kiana values dialogue and exploration over answers.

New Is On The Horizon

Hey you! I know it’s been a little quiet around here. It’s been a transitional season for me, and it never hurts to take a break and clarify the vision.

During the time I’ve managed this blog, I’ve realized that a major feature of the content I share is transparency. Most of my posts are based on personal experiences and life lessons. Believe it or not, this blog has been a comfortable medium of expression for me, because writing has always been my preferred space to share my ideas.

The blog was a great start. Doing Facebook lives was a great next step toward what I envision for Kingdom Konversations. For the next phase we’re giving the keyboard a rest. The plan is for you to see and hear more of me. We’re talking real conversations, video content, and all. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished here, and I definitely appreciate the journey. In 2020, I began using the phrase “New is on the Horizon”, and I believe it is fitting here. I truly hope that over the years this content has been helpful to you. Thank you for your support and stay tuned!

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