Welcome to the Kingdom.

Kingdom Konversations explores topics that are often avoided in Christian spaces. Using real life experiences, anecdotes and the word of God, each post takes readers on a journey of belief exploration. The blog intends to bring awareness to the reader’s perspectives on these difficult topics and challenge them. Kiana values dialogue and exploration over answers.

The Latest Konversations

  • Navigating Convictions
    So much has transpired since my last post. In the wake of the global and national crises we have been experiencing, I felt obligated to share my thoughts, but I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I never achieved a draft suitable to publish. Although I haven’t been blogging, I have … Continue reading Navigating Convictions
  • Quick Konversation: God’s Way of Providing
    If there’s one thing I have learned in this most recent season of my life, it is that God will raise up exactly what you’re looking for right in front of you. I have spent years praying for and seeking guidance, leadership and mentorship. I’ve asked some people, and I’ve silently … Continue reading Quick Konversation: God’s Way of Providing
  • Decisions, Decisions…
    As a believer, there’s this unspoken expectation to be a peace maker and to have patience with people, based on our understanding of the concept of love. But if we’re hurt, do we have to continue to engage in relationships and get wounded over and over? How do we make the difficult decision of maintain or ending our relationships without feeling guilty or victimized. This is a conversation about challenging relationships and how we can have them and our sanity, too.

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